Anthony Hervey - a confederate crook
from Water Valley and Oxford, Mississippi

Anthony Hervey a crook from Water Valley and Oxford Mississippi     May 17, 2010

I made this website to warn others against Anthony Hervey from Oxford and Water Valley, Mississippi, USA.

In return for my helpfulness, friendliness and generosity he is trying to cheat me - an absolutely not well-off pensioner - for 1.300 dollars, that I was naive enough to lend him in February 2010.

I will tell the details about this in the days to come.

Niels Graverholt
Associate professor emeritus

The world has become a better place,
the crook has passed away - click here

And LifeLeak about his criminal record here

After the crook passed friends and family began to send me mails, asking me to remove this website, because he is dead.
After he cheated me and many others, threatened my students (female, age 20-25) and me, demonstrated a complete lack of intercultural understanding, stupidity, arrogance combined with complete loss of discussion ability, I decided to do my best to spoil his reputation and warn people against him - and I made this website in an attempt to let people understand what a beast he is.
For some reason noone have critized me for doing that, not even the crook and his friends and family, but now they do, because he os dead.
I don't care if he is dead or alive, and just as I did my best to destroy his reputation when he was alive, and after his death I will do my best to prevent his disciples from building a legacy for him as a honest and trustworthy person - which he was absolutely not.
I regret if this hurts his family, but like the crook they had the possibility during more than 5 years to speak against me and my website - but they didn't.
I could understand if they critized me for presenting new allegations against the crook after he died and cannot defend himself.
But I have not presented any allegations here after he passed.
All of them have been on this site for more than 5 years, when he and they had the chance to speak up.
But they didn't, which proves that all my allegations are correct.

But here come all the mails I've received from his supporters:
Maybe you think that some of them looks like they are talking with themselves. The reason is that I have omitted my responses. They are by far not so interesting like the mails from his supporters.

Received July 20
(The girl who sent this mail asked me not to give up her name):
I went to Ole Miss with Anthony Hervey. He was Very very intimidating. I was unlucky to invite him to my dorm room early 1 night and he quickly started to come on very sexually strong towards me.
Was so so surprised and scared because he was choosing to treat me and every other female like somebody he wanted to 'gulp" down.
He was extremely pro black.
I felt and heard from others that he was someone you would run from.
So amazing he did 180 degree turn around & decided to shout out the opposite of what he once stood for.
He was JOKE.
I have more truths of Tony Hervey. ):
Read more about this incident here

Received July 20: got involved with Anthony Hervey even YEARS after my reenactment regiment, the 37th Texas Cavalry "outed" him as a crook and con man.
People desperately wanted to believe Hervey because he was the perfect "trained monkey" unlike Robert Harrison, a former college football player and Masters-degree research librarian who served with the 37th as a REAL Black Confederate and stood with me to face down the Klan in Biloxi, MS, in 2002.
H.K. Edgerton is another phony "Black Confederate," funded by people with ties to white supremacy.
Too many people are just not careful enough in their dealings and their support.
It's a shame when anyone dies before their time, but I am having a hard time with all of these people admiring him and calling him "brother" when he laughed at all of them behind their backs.
Incidentally, as a 100% Disabled Vietnam Veteran I would have to personally see Hervey's DD-214 Discharge (Niels: Which gives all info about his service time) to believe he was anywhere near combat or got a Purple Heart.
If I had known he was back in circulation after serving prison time for fraud and claiming to be a wounded combat Veteran I would have been pursuing him to see if he was adding Stolen Valor to his long list of crimes.
Again, sorry our findings were not more widely distributed at the time, but people did not want to know the truth.
Michael Kelley
Former Colonel, 37th Texas Cavalry
Former Navy Lieutenant Airborne Electronic Warfare Officer
100% Disabled Vietnam Veteran

Received 21.02:
Amazingly, he still has ardent supporters and people defending his criminal history.
As Robert Harrison a former Black Sergeant with my regiment, the 37th Texas Cavalry, has said on several occasions, "Hervey and Edgerton are the perfect 'pet Niggers' for the phony 'Southern heritage' groups."
Hervey just knew better how to con people himself while Edgerton is still on the payroll of people with deep ties to white supremacist groups.
Disheartening to see such stupidity.
BTW, when the 37th Texas and other good Confederate reenactors stood against the KKK in Biloxi in 2002 the SCV opposed US and neither Hervey nor Edgerton were anywhere to be found.
"Mad Dog"

Received July 21: Mike Kelley []
I notice that he had started claiming to be a combat Veteran and Purple Heart recipient. In my face-to-face with him at Beauvoir Fall Military Muster in 2000 we talked about our military service and he NEVER mentioned anything about combat service or Purple Heart even when I brought up my Vietnam combat service.
Unfortunately, with Hervey's background and conduct my first inclination would be to demand a DD-214 Discharge form proving both. It is more likely than not that both claims were bogus and that I would have been calling him out for Stolen Valor had I known.
Michael Kelley
Former Colonel, 37th Texas Cavalry
Former Navy Lieutenant Airborne Electronic Warfare Officer
100% Disabled Vietnam Veteran
"Mad Dog"

20.07 from: TJD []: Beware, we know.

20:07 from: Rebecca Long []
Niels, this man may have taken you for money and may have been less than perfect, but he is DEAD now and I think you should take the page down.
Here in America we try to respect our dead. It's not like he's made the history books or anything, like you're unearthing a conspiracy revolving around a terribly important figure.
Let it go.
Rebecca Long...and the remainder of the folks who know Anthony was, at heart, not a bad guy. He was a hell of a chess player, too.

20.07 from: Rebecca Long []
See you in hell, Niels.
-Rebecca Long, Production Editor, The Local Voice

20.07 from: Rebecca Long []
I'm at work and have a hundred better things to do than argue with someone I don't even know.
This started as a simple request about your webpage. I'm going back to doing my job now.

20.07 from:Angel Coleman []
Tony has passed.. Please take this down.
Angel Coleman

20.07 from: Angel Coleman []
Please take it down out of respect for our family

20.07 from: Angel Coleman []
Why does it matter who or how... He was murdered... Run off the road and killed... PLEASE TAKE THE SITE DOWN HES DEAD!

20.07 from: Angel Coleman []
I pray God moves your heart to understand the pain this family is in.... and you are worried about money... ok... I'll pray for you.

At some point I wrote to Angel Coleman that I am absolutely not rich and would like to get back the 1.500 dollars Anthony cheated me for - and received this mail:

20.07 from: Angel Coleman []
Means nothing compared to Tony's life...

20.07 from: Angel Coleman []
This man is part of my family. And I pray you never feel he paid. His kids and wife are feeling right now..I get it... he wasn't able to repay some money he was loaned... well I guess you've ever been in financial problems....
Praying for you....

20.07 from: Angel Coleman []
And I pray you never feel the pain His kids and wife are feeling right now....
And my prayers aren't hypocritical... I do pray for you. .. for your ability to forgive... because holding onto unforgivness is terrible for your soul..
It can stand between you and God.... I wish that on no one... in the mean time... I forgive you for not being more understanding of the situation.

20.07 from:
Anthony Hervey was killed today. You can now take down your disgusting slanderous website.

20.07 from: Curt Brewer []
No offense, your website about Anthony Hervey does not make any points to a degree of proof.
It seems that it is just a way to sound-off about money that you loaned him that was never repaid.
Sorry that you will not be repaid. Jesus will give peace

I find it fascinating how many of the senders above assure me again and again that they are praying for me.
I am sure that it's 75-100 years ago that the majority here in Denmark prayed for other people - and I am sure that they would normally ask their victim whether he or she wanted to be prayed for.
But here it is ok to patronize people like me who do not want to be prayed for.
Will someone tell me if that is normal in USA - or rather: In the south?

Some of the persons above have accused me of making up the story about the crook cheating me for 1.500 dollars.
Tomorrow I will present documentation for it - although I am sure that they will still not believe it - and I don't care.
But there could be other more openminded visitors who are interested in the facts.

I have received more mails about the crook like those from the anonymous girl and Michael Kelley, and hope tomorrow to receive their permission to post their mails.

In the meantime you are welcome to visit another of my websites: Fight the death penalty in USA - which will probably also provoke anthonys friends.

Anthony Hervey a crook from Water Valley and Oxford Mississippi     I also made the site to warn people against wasting their money on buying what Anthony Hervey calls his "book" - a collection of confused and confusing, unargumented and contradictory accusations against anything and everything plus a number of hypocritical statements.

I am writing on a review of this socalled "book" and will present it here during May 2010.

Anthony Hervey a crook from Water Valley and Oxford Mississippi     The purpose of the website is also to tell people who have been so unlucky to be acquainted with Anthony Hervey and the incredible impertinence that he uses in an attempt to cover his total lack of ability to participate in a professional discussion, that they are not the only ones that have experienced that.

I will give some examples of this later, partly from my personal experience, partly from his appearance on the internet.

Anthony Hervey a crook from Water Valley and Oxford Mississippi     I thought that is was only in the past that the average American citizen travelling abroad behaved like as he and his country are the most perfect on earth - and that all non-americans are stupid.

Anthony Hervey belongs to the past.

He once wrote to me: "I am proud to be an American".
I am deeply grateful that he is not Danish.

And I am sure that when his fellow Americans read more about his behaviour in Denmark, the vast majority of them will NOT be proud that he is an American, and I hope with this site to give American visitors to Europe some examples of how NOT to behave.

Anthony Hervey a crook from Water Valley and Oxford Mississippi     But anyway, I think that it is interesting to study the behaviour of a person like Anthony Hervey who completely lacks intercultural competencies and has only his "I am proud to be an American" empty arrogance to hang on to. Here is an example: When he became angry at me because I criticized him, he wrote the following (to understand, you need to know that I teach at the course that he attended):

Your fascism has been exposed... Niels your display on this course has been appalling ..... I will be having a representive from the American Embassy meeting with your head will not be using this forum or the class room to hide behind.
We will be having a discussion of this matter on a more neutral grounds.... this is another part of the United States Constitution 5th Amendment call fair jurisdiction ...and the policy of the United Nations meaning that a environment of fair play will be conducted meaning you will not pass judgement on me without fair play..(you can not be the judge the accuser and the jury) me of your kind... the situation will be judged fairly and without malice. To pass judgement without fair play would amount to a Dictorship or in this case Fascism.

I was planning a trip to Germany, and as I would not miss this meeting, I sent Anthony an e-mail, asking when the meeting will be. He has not responded.

   + To American citizens who are reading this:

Anthony Hervey claims that he is a trained sociologist from University of Mississippi.

I don't know if this is true, but I am sure that it would be difficult to find a Danish 5'th grade student, who would write such nonsense as above.

Would a graduate from the Department of Sociology at University of Mississippi?

    I will be adding to this website in the weeks to come, not least quotes from Anthony Hervey impertinent behaviour.
Until then, you can click here to see some examples, where he pretends to be the chairman of Black Confederate Soldier Foundation - after what I've heard a non-existing organisation.

If you have something to add - click here to send an e-mail.